We want our phones run longer but every year, they get more powerful. It is very easy to overlook the fact that battery technology and capacity have steadily improved. As battery capacity is improving, the processors and screen size are also increasing. It is a very difficult task for a smart phone to balance the battery life and the performance of Smartphone. Hence, you should follow the top 5 tips to prolong the battery life.

Top 5 Things To Consider While Charging A Battery

Today, more than billions are utilizing Android and iOS devices. Everybody experiences an issue with the battery. So, I present you the Top 5 things that you should avoid while charging your device. Follow all the tips to properly charge your phone’s battery.
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1.Never Use Battery Boost Applications

A battery is the hardware part of any device. And we cannot control it discharge speed through software apps. You may find many apps on the play store or app store which promises to boost battery. In reality, they simply increase the load on the battery. This reduces the lifespan of the battery.
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2.Always Use Original Charger

It is always recommended that you charge your phone with its own charger.  Very often because of our busy time table, we forgot to carry the original charger and we use a different one. This impacts battery performance. If you are using a different charger then, please check its output voltage and current.
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3.Never Charge Your Phone Full Night

There are many people, along with me who left the device plugged-in in a single day for charging. This is exactly what we are not supposed to do.

Charging overnight influences battery sturdiness, and it also makes your gadget overheat. Therefore, make certain to unplug your phone whenever the phone is charged to 80%.

4.Never Charge 100% Of The Battery

According to battery scientists, lithium batteries should never be fully charged. All the modern smartphones have lithium ion battery in it. Whenever the battery is charged over 80%, it leads to the heating problems and thus reduces the battery life. So you should never charge your phone’s battery over 80%.
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5.Never Charge Frequently

We always have a habit of charging our phone when it reaches the mark of 50%. We should abort this habit. And charge the battery only when it reaches 20% or below. According to the studies made by battery scientists, frequent charging of phone will cause the battery to heat and eventually the battery life decreases.
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6.Always Remove Case While Charging(Bonus Tip)

You might have observed, when our phone is on the charge, it gets heated. So, just ensure to get rid of the phone’s protecting case when it is charging. This could act as a barrier and slow down the charging speed. It is highly recommended not to use protective case while charging any gadget.


These were the top 5 battery charging tips that every smartphone user should know. If you follow all the battery charging tips then you will surely see improvement in the battery life of your Smart Phone.


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