Lenovo has launched Lenovo K8 Note in India. And it will go on sale from 18th August exclusive on Amazon. Before purchasing the phone, I suggest you consider the following points. In this article, I have mentioned the Problems or Cons of the Lenovo K8 Note.

Note: These are just my views on Lenovo K8 Note. If anyone disagrees with my points then it is alright.problems_lenovo_k8_note

No Snapdragon Processor

Lenovo’s lineup of Note Series has MediaTek processors. And they continued the same processor with Lenovo K8 Note. Most of the Smartphone at this price range has SnapDragon Processor. In comparison to Snapdragon, MediaTek processor is slow and has many heating issues.

You may face Lag and heating issues on Lenovo K8 Note while playing heavy games like Asphalt 8 and Modern Combat 4. This is due to the MediaTek processor present in the phone. If you are a gamer and like to play heavy games then this phone is not for you.

Heavy And Bulky

Lenovo K8 Note is packed with a battery of 4000mAH. It makes the phone heavier. Even Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 has the same battery of 4000mAH but it is not as heavy as Lenovo K8 Note.

Poor Camera Quality

Lenovo has added dual camera setup to capture crystal clear pictures. Unfortunately, the performance of these cameras in low light conditions is pretty bad. If the camera is your top priority then I don’t recommend you to buy this phone.

IR Blaster is missing

With the help of IR Blaster, you can control almost all the remote control devices like TV, AC, Audio Systems, etc. Many Android phones launched in the price segment of Rs.15000 come with IR Blaster. Unfortunately, Lenovo has not added IR blaster in Lenovo K8 Note.

No NFC Support

Most of the portable devices have NFC support. And also it helps in speed transfer of data between two devices. Lenovo should have included NFC Support in Lenovo K8 Note. Unfortunately, this phone has no IR Blaster.

No Backlit Keys

The touch capacitive buttons on this phone have no backlit keys. It means the phone does not have lights at the navigation bar on the phone. It will be a problem to use the phone in dark places.

Bad Service At Service Center

The service which we get at the service center of Lenovo is really bad. If anything happens to your phone and you ask for repair at the service center then they take months to return your phone. My Lenovo K4 Note exploded in the month of August and I asked for repair of it but I didn’t receive it till date. You will be annoyed by the pathetic service of Lenovo at the Service Center.

Final Verdict:

Apart from all the Cons, I really like Lenovo K8 Note. Because the overall performance, design, and features of Lenovo K8 Note is really good. No phone is perfect in the world as of now. Every product has some flaws in it and we cannot help it. What are your thoughts and opinion on Lenovo K8 Note?

No phone is perfect in the world as of now. Every product has some flaws in it and we cannot help it. What are your thoughts and opinion on Lenovo K8 Note?


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