As an Anime Fan, you might have seen some anime with superpowers having overwhelming and cool looking protagonists. Those badass looking main characters can get our heart in an instant. Their well-structured body, unique clothes, muscular shape make them stand out in many. But have you ever wondered there are some Anime in which some characters possess extraordinary powers despite being physically disabled?

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It is a well known Anime Fact that almost every shounen anime has such physically disabled yet unbelievably powerful characters. It could be blindness, deafness, amnesia, or lack of any other significant body parts. Despite being physically challenged, there are some characters who due to their composure, patience and dedication they achieved a state of power which is not any lesser than the MC. They simply just have a powerful aura.

We are going to discuss such characters who were able to get a significant base of fans with their unique abilities.

5. Admiral Fujitora (One Piece) –

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He is one such disabled yet overpowered anime character in One Piece world who has a position of Navy Admiral. Despite being blind he can easily sense the presence of people. He has the ability to distinguish good people from their counterparts. What differentiates him from others is he took his own eyesight to avoid seeing the ruthless world, and so-called corrupted people including government.

He always dedicates his life to be on the side of justice let it be if it’s a pirate he will support if he finds it as a good deed. Swordsman by combat style, he can easily bring a powerful enemy oh his knees.

4.Edward Elric (Full Metal Alchemist) –

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One of the top Anime of all times, Full Metal Alchemist features Edward Elric as the main character. He is a handicapped alchemist who can reconstruct things. What makes him unique from others is he can perform the alchemy without using the transmutation circle.
With this ability, he can create weapons and such things in a flash to deal with the situation.

3. Alluka Zodylick (Hunter x Hunter )

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Sister of the infamous Killua Zodylic from Hunter x Hunter Anime Series. She is considered to be an emotionless child since her birth. Due to some circumstances at her birth time, she lost the ability to be a normal human being. In a time she possessed an ability to grant a wish to the people who she likes.

2. Shanks (One Piece)

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A common ambitious pirate who lost his one arm to a fight with a sea creature becomes one of the most powerful pirates in the world of one piece. He also possesses the most powerful type of Haki called Armament Haki. With just his appearance he was able to stop the longest war in the history of one piece.

1. All-might ( Boku No Hero Academia )

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An All-time favorite hero in the series Boku no Hero Academia, All-might is the character who is astoundingly powerful. After the fight with a strong opponent, his internal organs took serious damage, and his body got shrunk. Despite being disabled, he believes in a fact going above and beyond of your capabilities is possible if you’re determined.

So here are the five great powerful physically disabled anime characters we discussed. Let us know if you have any such character in your list in the comments below.


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