Mobile app development is one of the trending phenomenon observed in the past few years. Since the day Android was introduced to the market, every day a few numbers of people mark their attendenace in the digital world. According to Statista report, more than 178.1 billion mobile applications are already downloaded by the users on their cellphone by 2017. People prefer to surf information, apps and web pages more on their mobile phone rather than the PCs or laptops. Both iOS and Android are rolling like a big barrel of belief among users providing support and useful services to the users. Let’s explore which technology is getting popular among users in the upcoming years:


Chatbots :


The use of chatbots has increased drastically in recent years. Companies are using chatbots for providing customer support to generating qualified leads like services. Unlike the traditional computing environment where the development of such applications was a complex task as they require the huge number of resources and effort, the ongoing cloud technology allows us to develop the voice or text-based Chatbots in very easy and fast way. Since the chatbot market is already making its way to $3172 million by the end of  2021 with a CAGR of 35.2 per cent, there is no doubt, anyone could miss such an opportunity. So developers must enjoy this technological flow and become part of this journey.


Cloud Computing :


Cloud computing is in buzz these days. More than 80 per cent of organisations have already migrated their business on the cloud with CAGR of 24 per cent. Big giants have estimated that its market will touch 411 billion USD by 2020. This virtual technology allows users to adopt infrastructure, storage, application or other IT services like network, database, testing, platforms etc., as a service. Thus, its a beautiful dawn for developers to create, deploy or test their innovative ideas and uncover it to the front of this digital world in the form of an application. Whatever they want to develop including a typical machine learning, IoT, blockchain, functional, ERP etc., based apps, the cloud will provide resources anytime from anywhere. If you are also interested in exploring various phases of development, you can join the App Development Course and learn to uncover each corner of application manufacturing.


Augmented Reality :


Augmented Reality was introduced to make users feel the images as a part of the real world. This computer-generated image technology has already marked its presence in real-world applications and gaming. Public figures like Dominos, Walmart, Volvo, Starbucks have already implemented this technology to provide personalized and real-world experience to their users.

Currently, 1580 million mobile applications are downloaded with the power of AR. This figure is subjected to reach 4670 million by 2022. The one who has developed this technology by the end of 2025.


According to the Statista survey, the AR and VR market is predicted to reach $209.2 billion by 2022. So if you are willing to develop cool AR applications, now is the best time.


Android Instant Apps :


The Google Play Instant has emerged as a powerful technology which enables a user to try an application without installing it on their cellphone saving lots of extra storage. It sounds cool. Right? This instant application was introduced recently but it has become a word of buzz among users. Developers are pushing their effort to provide such applications before the market will present its peak in this area.


Blockchain :


Since the day Satoshi introduced Bitcoin to this world, the concept of blockchain is getting popular. When people recognized the main use of this technology in various sectors for the purpose of security, fast transactions, log organization etc., they started loving it. This distributed ledger technology keeps the record of each transaction made by the user eliminating the risk of breaches. The influenced medical, banking, avionics, IT, FinTech sectors are the reason that blockchain will give 7683.7 million USD by 2022.


Artificial Intelligence:


Whether you’ll believe it or not, if you are reading this blog then you are also incorporating AI in your daily work life. Yes,  AI is everywhere. From the search, you made on google search bar to the recommendations shown on your webpage, they all use AI. The power of AI can be felt with powerful tools like Watson which is helping doctors to find the cure for fatal diseases like cancer. Big organisations are looing for people who are interested and innovating AI-based applications. Recently AutoGrid secured $32 million seed funding from energy sectors to drive innovation in this sector. Since the demand of AI is continuously increasing, so it’s a golden opportunity for developer to develop such applications.


Thus, what are you waiting for? Note down your interest, open your laptop and start exploring. Maybe your inovation will help humanity and make you stand among other giants.



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