Those who are looking for another tool for spending good time on the Internet, Snapchat will come in handy. This application allows users to exchange funny messages. A user takes a snapshot and sends it to other users. It is just a social network where people can share photos and short videos that disappear after 24 hours. In addition, in contrast to Facebook and Instagram, Snapchat has a whole range of fun features and filters that can be useful in dating.

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Snapchat’s effect on digital dating
· It raises the mood
This is the first and main reason why progressive people can use this application! In the twenty-first century, industrial high technology people rarely smile and mostly because of toxic marriage or unhappy relationships. In most cases, smiles are forced or more like a grin. Seeing a funny and changed photograph of a dear person, a real smile breaking through a “poker face”. Some filters change not only the face but also the voice. Snapchat allows you not only to send photos and videos directly to friends but also to publish them in your profile. Then they will be available to everyone during the day. Self-changes make it possible not to worry about the “beauty” of published images and their number – the user just uploads short stories, which tomorrow no one will remember.
· It kills time
The second reason is that the app kills time. Sometimes it happens that you need to spend time waiting for something or someone and don’t want to do anything serious, then what to do? The answer is obvious – download Snapchat, go through the elementary registration procedure, and start dating and having fun!
· Snapchat is popular among young people
Almost 200 million people use the app. They send 3 billion snap photos or short videos every day. A typical user opens Snapchat approximately 13 times a day. The main users of the application are from 17 to 35 years. At the same time, the most active users are under 23 years old – they use Snapchat more than 16 times a day and spend 30 minutes in the application.
· Snapchat is a big company
The company employs almost 2,000 people. And Snapchat is not going to stop there – in the future, it is planned to expand the company, both through direct hiring and through the purchase of startups. On average, Snapchat earns $1 per user quarterly. Of course, companies are far from Facebook indicators (about $5 per user quarterly). Nevertheless, Snapchat has existed for only eight years, and it is trying to increase this figure every quarter. By the way, in the USA, these figures are higher – quarterly Snapchat receives $3 per user because there are more and more people who use it for dating.
· It wants everyone to know that it is growing
Although Snapchat is definitely aimed at a young audience, it tries to show investors that it is turning into a serious company. For example, the company reported that it was able to solve internal accounting problems that interfered with it in the past, coped with “technical problems” that annoyed users and slightly slowed growth. The company emphasized that since the release of the application, a lot of new features have appeared in it, and now it is not just a virtual application but a good platform for dating.
· It keeps your privacy
Snapchat’s privacy experience is not perfect. In 2014, the company entered into a settlement agreement with the US Federal Trade Commission, which previously accused Snapchat of using the incorrect term of “disappearing messages” because everyone can save them by taking a screenshot. But nowadays, Snapchat has to conduct a confidentiality check every two years over the next 20 years.




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