Android has come a long way and has become one of the most advanced mobile operating systems. Android apps have become essential drivers for most of the people right now, and some of the apps have become addictive in the lives of many people. Next year, apps are going to be more powerful, more advanced, more engaging and might even replace your desktop apps. We have gathered some of the best apps that can change your lives in 2018 and make you a better person.

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 Life changing Android Apps in 2018

  • SafeTrek – It is one of the best safety applications to make your way into your phone in 2018. This app is for the people who travel through unsafe areas regularly. The app will know whether you are going to be kidnapped or threatened and will inform the police even if you are unable to dial an emergency number. The app works by detecting whether you are in an unsafe situation, you can hold down the SafeTrek button which appears on the device screen.
safetrek-appSafeTrek App
  • Happier – Everyone wants to be happy and in the coming year too, everyone would wish the same. Most of the things that make us happy are listed on the app. From morning routines to keeping a gratitude journal, this app enlists a host of things which affect the psychology and make us a happier person.
happier-appHappier App

  • Pzizz – Sleeping is one of the best things and most of the people love to do it. There are a lot of apps that help people sleep better but this is the one that actually works. There is a good chance that this app will work for you actually to relax faster and have a good quality rest. The app is smart and uses various soundtracks to provide a relaxing audio that would sleep better, be it a nap or a full-fledged 8-hour sleep. This app would help you change your life in 2018
prizz appPrizz App
  • Substitutions – This is one of the best apps currently available for iOS only for health-conscious people who keep track of every meal they eat. This app lists ingredient replacements for every meal that you are eating and even suggests low-fat, gluten-free and vegetarian options.
substitutions appSubstitutions App

  • Moves – This is not just another fitness tracking application. “Moves” works by keeping track of every move of your life and presents it as a “story” of your life. It can keep a record of how many calories you burned and how many steps you have taken today. The app even works when the phone is not in your hand but your handbag pocket.
moves appMoves App
  • Swackett – It is a one of a kind app that provides recommendations of what to wear according to the day’s condition. The app can suggest clothing, footwear, and even accessories keeping you comfortable during the day and this will let you change your life next year.
Swackett App
  • Stockpile – Stockpile is an investing app that lets you buy fractional shares of stock. Instead of buying a whole stock, one can buy a fraction of it and helps you in trading for a small amount of money. One of the best features of the app is that it lets you exchange gift cards for stocks. You can send shares of the stock to your friends and even trade gift cards in exchange.
stockpile appStockpile App

Verdict: Android apps that we refer above are designed to simplify one’s lifestyle. These apps help us live life in a better way by streamlining day-to-day tasks. Your security, health, sleep and financial success can be managed by these apps easily, and these apps might not be apps that can change your lives but will surely make up for a better 2018 for you.


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