Do you want to know the reasons of technology’s bad influence at job?

You are a person who uses technology on a regular basis, aren’t you? Undoubtedly, you are or you could not be reading this article at the moment. Modern people are surrounded by technology nowadays and a workplace is not an exception. However, there are situations when technology not only does not do its job well but even causes failures that could be prevented if done by people. Why does it happen you may wonder? It is the same as to answer the question “why did the articles of confederation fail?”. There are many reasons for that and here are the most popular ones.

The role of technology in business

Fujitsu offered a report according to which ¾ of global C-Suite executives confirm the fact that technology plays a significant role in business growth. This role is very difficult to present in figures but it is the fact that companies which do not follow the latest trends lose their clients. People tend to trust those companies that do not stand in one place and keep up with the modern world, technology in particular.

It is very difficult to see a successful company that works without modern technological devices. In the modern era of innovative solutions, it is almost impossible. At the same time, such dependence on technology results in multiple failures as it is not perfect too.

Reasons why technology causes failures

Even when it seems that technology is perfect and is unable to make mistakes, in combination with the human factor or without it there are still common failures taking place nowadays. Reasons for that are very different.

  1. The reason for obtaining and using technology is wrong

Many companies buy technology not by necessity or further development. It may be a desire not to follow behind the competitors or look outstanding in the market. For example, today it is getting very popular to offer the potential buyers of real estate 3D tours around the homes for sale. mentions interesting statistics where homes with virtual tours in the listings are viewed by 87% more often. However, even if you have obtained a 3D camera and show tours only to people who come to your office, it is useless. It is important to take advantage of all the benefits technology offers, so such videos should be added to listings, FB pages etc. for an affordable marketing company.

  1. Unclear definition of the problem

Every technology is obtained for a solution of one of the problems. Consequently, it is impossible to prevent cyber attacks if you print some model on a 3D printer, for example. The definition of the problem should be clear and accurate to get the most suitable technology.

  1. The wrong choice of technology

It often happens that people do not fully realize or know how one or another example of technology works. It is not enough to buy a computer and video camera to get a quality video supervision. Lack of some parts or software will not allow getting the necessary functionality.

  1. The absence of the plan how to achieve success

It is natural that none of the technological devices will help to achieve the goal set if you do not have a well-thought and detailed plan of the actions.

  1. Lack of resources

Even if you buy the latest technological device but the company does not have an employee who will take advantage of all its functions, this product will lie on the shelf until a necessary person is hired.

  1. No support and maintenance

All the technological devices require regular support and maintenance. It can be a service company or a specialist who will take care of it.

  1. Poor project management

It is very important to have a good team leader. Without a good project management, it is impossible to achieve the final goal and none of the innovative devices will be helpful.

  1. Not enough tests are conducted

No matter what project a company wishes to implement, it is necessary to conduct regular tests to understand what is the only right way to choose. The absence of such tests will lead to the failures, technology in particular.

  1. No professional training

The introduction of any new device or software requires specialists to work with it. For this purpose, employees should be taught to use and operate these novelties at the professional level. Lack of such training leads to breakdowns and insufficiency of technology.

  1. The absence of feedback

Communication plays a significant role for people to understand each other. And many people get right solutions to their problems only after talking to others. When a person starts using technology, he requires reading feedback on it to understand its pros and cons. Lack of this feedback can result in the way of efforts and errors, that might be a reason for technology failures too.


Every technology can feature failures but most often these failures take place because of the human factor. That is the reason to pay more attention to new technology for it to surpass your expectations regarding it.




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