The ‘Quick Charge 4’ of the Qualcomm Technologies is obviously the best power management lineup that delivers the ultimate fast charging performance for smartphones. And recently Qualcomm announced the upgraded version of ‘Quick Charge 4’ named as Quick Charge 4+. By collaborating with various companies like Ventev, Ever Win and Portway, the Qualcomm Technologies had manufactured the upgraded version of Quick Charge – Quick Charge 4+  to continue to be the leader in the group of power management companies. And they are striving hard to provide us the better fast mobile charging experience by joining hands with the top suppliers like Cypress, NXP, and Weltrend.

The fourth generation of fast charging solution, Quick Charge 4+ features Dual Charge and Battery Saver to reduce charging thermals and add speed and safety. Even though you own a Snapdragon-powered device that features Quick Charge, there are many cases where the device battery does get depleted and fail to sip the power. To cope with this, they have introduced a new  Quick Charge 4+ technology which not only enables the Snapdragon architecture powered devices to get up to a 50 percent charge only in 15 minutes but also enables devices without Quick charge support to charge faster.

As the Quick Charge 4+ uses USB Power Delivery (USB PD) as a primary signaling method, you can use this to charge your device without Snapdragon integrated to improve your charging experience. The process of charging phones with traditional approach uses a single power path to power the phone to avoid excess heat. But, the problem incurred with that was it would not allow the phone to receive excessive power and result in the prolonged charging time.

On the other hand, Dual charging allows the mobile to charge from the power received from two power paths by splitting power between two tracks and provides cooling paths for power delivery. Dual Charge enabled mobile phones with an additional IC for second power management reduce the charge time without performance tradeoffs and allows for lower power and thermal dissipation. The Qualcomm Technologies Quick Charge 4+ ensures power and thermal balance between the two power paths through thermal balancing and reduces overall heat dynamically.

The Battery Saver technology of the Quick Charge 4+ charging ensures the overall safety of the mobile phones by regulating the battery performance which in turn protect and extend the life of your device battery. It extends the battery life cycle by protecting the device battery, cables and connectors by monitoring the device at multiple levels like voltage, current, temperature.

Quick Charge 4+ intelligent charging communicates with the device to know how much charging the mobile needed for full charging. Based on the information received from the device or mobile phone, Quick charge 4+  delivers the exact amount of power as indicated by the device. To and for communication during this charging process monitors the amount of power flowing into device to prevent overcharging and regulates current throughout every charge cycle.

The Nubia Z17 and Razer Phone are the first smartphone devices to incorporate this Quick Charge 4+. Make sure to add the Quick charge 4+ to your check list while buying your next smarphone.



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