Have you ever thought of getting rid of the pages or the websites which take forever to load or show your desired results? The websites with a lot of Ads which are sometimes irritating as they take a lot of time to load and are not places systematically? Yes, at least I do. Sometimes we feel like banging our head against the computer or the mobile screen and want to let go ourselves from this slow torture. For the people who agree with the above statement and the ones who without any hesitance agree that they go through with this experience every other day, especially when they open their “e-mails”. So putting an end to your long grievances, we have got something that will definitely cheer you up.

Google has introduced the AMP for Gmail.

For the one who has been under the rocks and has no idea what AMP means. You need not worry as we have everything sorted for you.

  • So, what is AMP?

AMP is nothing but “Accelerated Mobile Pages”. This helps in creating and running the web pages or the websites with utmost perfection and in a systematic way. It also adds to the credibility of the website or web page and enhances its richness via standardized capabilities.

It provides the stable and superior performance which means the web pages or the websites which has AMP will load faster and the Ads in them will load instantly providing better interface while you use them.

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It is as simple as that. No matter how intriguing your subject is or how persuasive your website is if it doesn’t load faster or instantly no living soul would be interested in it. So this helps both, I mean the service provider and the user and doesn’t create farrago of it.

What AMP has for email?

AMP in the email will leave you with a more engaging and interactive experience like never before. With AMP you can now directly retrieve the actions like if there is an appointment that has to be scheduled you could schedule it directly, if there is an event you could directly submit your RSVP, you can film the Google forms or any other forms which contain questions and you have to fill it – now you could directly do it via your email message. Leading companies like Pinterest, Doodle and Tumblr are modifying their user interface with respect to AMP email to garner the greater possibilities it has got in its kitty. Also if you have received any link in your email inbox you need not go to the mother site to check the link, you could access it in your Gmail inbox as well. This saves user’s interest and also makes his/her experience feasible.

The best part about this is according to the Google as it claims that AMP which not only loads the web page faster but also uses 10 times less data than before. The biggest conceivers AMP are the social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. They are leaving no stones unturned to let their users have best of the experience in competition to their counterparts. E-commerce sites are not far, AMP is a hit amongst the likes of Amazon, Alibaba and also Indian site Flipkart.


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