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After the launch of the almighty iPhone X there came the trend of the notch design. Indeed the design is quite an eyeful and catchy, but it’s something that smartphone manufacturers are copying for no significant reason.

The “notch” design is followed by devices like Zenfone 5, Huawei P20 & P20 Pro, Vivo V9 and now none other than the upcoming Oneplus 6 will have the same. Although Oneplus explains why they are incorporating the trend in their upcoming 6, community users aren’t really happy about the same.

According to the forum post they want to use space as much as possible without compromising performance. The primary reason behind the notch design is to offer the biggest display possible without compromising hardware.

They explained how the central placement of the camera is essential for perfect clicking angles and error-free work of their renowned face recognition. Further to add, they revealed the flagship wouldn’t have the mechanical pop-up camera. The Popup camera is still in its early stage and doesn’t deliver promised results, they added.

The three key factors such as maximizing viewable area, display performance with chromatic accuracy and scaling productions plays an essential role in this new display adoption. Oneplus seems to assure the quality of the display to be industry leading.

Although the brand is community-based, they don’t really seem to listen to the audience this time. According to this poll, users prefer a notch-less design. Indeed with this growing notch-trend, it will be a challenging task to distinguish the smartphones from others.

Like always, when Oneplus is about to launch a new device, we get all sort of exaggerated reactions, and this year the notch is just another subject of the relation between Oneplus and its contributing community. So we hope that in coming time the “Notch Hate” will fade from people’s mind, and people will start seeing it for what it is, the best possible compromise between large body/screen ratio, and the needed sensors.

So is this the good thing to have an iPhone X-ish screen or an utter disappointment on the successor of well-received Oneplus 5t? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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