If you are confused about the best smartphones in your budget then this article is for you. Today I will help you to buy the next smartphones making sure that you get the best phone for your price. I have covered smartphones in a variety of price ranges. And also I covered those smartphones which will be out in the near future. You can make an informed decision before you go out and buy one.
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Best Smartphone Under Rs.10,000

Phones under Rs.10,000 have become increasingly better all around. There is no shortage of smartphones under the 10k price range.

However, the base variant of Redmi Note 4 is the best smartphone that you can buy in this budget. The Note 4 has good specs, great camera, and amazing battery life.
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If you wait for a couple of months then you will be able to get your hands on the rumored Redmi Note 5. It is expected to be priced similarly to the Note 4. And it comes with Snapdragon 660 Soc.

Best Smartphone Under Rs.20,000

The Moto G5 Plus is a very good choice to buy a phone under Rs.20,000. The phone comes with Snapdragon 625, great 12MP Camera with f1.7 aperture, and fast charging support.The phone is definitely a great buy at the price.

If you can for two months then you can get Moto G5s. The price of this phone is expected to be Rs.18,000. The G5s will be an amazing option to buy a Smartphone under Rs.20,000.
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Best Smartphones Under Rs.30,000

The Honor 8 Pro with its dual camera, Kirin Processor, and sleek design is definitely worth your money at Rs.29,000. The camera on this phone is as good as One Plus 5.

If you are ok with going with an older smartphone that is still a great value for money then you can go for One Plus 3T.
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Xiaomi is rumored to bring the MI 6 flagship to India as well. If you can hold on for few months then you can get MI 6 under Rs.30,000. It would be the best smartphone for this price segment. If you need a smartphone urgently then Honor 8 Pro will not disappoint you.

Best Smartphone Under Rs.40,000

Moving into the range of Rs.40,000, One Plus 5 with 8GB RAM and 128GB Storage is the clear definite winner. The phone comes with dual cameras, Snapdragon 835 Soc and a 3300mAH that charges super fast with dash charge. The One Plus 5 is definitely worth it for Rs.38,000.
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Apple 8 is quite possibly the most anticipated leak and rumored device of the year. There have been countless claims and rumors about the iconic design, its dual camera orientation, and fingerprint scanner positioning. The iPhone 8 will definitely feature an AMOLED Display, wireless charging, a vertical dual camera and a bezel less design. If you can hold on to your credit card for a while longer, you can get the best smartphone that is ever made.

Fans of the Google Pixel has been waiting for the Pixel 2 to come out and based on some of the latest renders, it looks very similar to the LG G6 with tiny bezels on the side.

Final Verdict

These were the list of best smartphones under different budgets that you can buy in 2017. Are you planning on buying a smartphone right now? or will you wait for the smartphones to be launched later this year? Do let us know your pick for the best smartphone in the comments.


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