On every time, you browse any internet site, your IP and mac address gets recorded to that web page which can easily keep track of yours searches. To secure your privacy, you have to browse anonymously on the net. In this article, I present you some best private search engines that will secure your privacy for free.These search engines do private web searches and help to protect your private search.
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Best Private Search Engines to Secure your Privacy

The following is the list of Secure Search Engines that don’t track your content.


The Startpage search engine works powerfully to provide better search results while protecting your privacy.most-private-search-engine

It offers surfing through a proxy server to assist or defend you from websites monitoring your IP code. You can upload it to your browser, on chrome or firefox, and even change its color respectively.
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It is the best non-tracking search engine.


That is one of the cool search engines present on this planet which works according to your liking. This is the private engine that works with full protection.encrypted-search-engine

And also it helps to get the first-class end result because search engine tracking is not entertained here.

Unlike other search engines, yippy permits searching of many types of content material consisting of pictures, information, jobs, blogs, authorities statistics, etc.

Yippy additionally lets you view cached pages.
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Hulbee is a personal seek solution that provides instantaneous searches and does not monitor your search queries.search-engine-tracking

Your searches are all encrypted for safety. Hulbee is the green opportunity for everybody for whom protection is the first priority. The search queries, IP addresses, and personal information are not saved at any point in time.
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Gibiru is best uncensored yet encrypted search engine. It works faster than other search engines like google and yahoo because it makes use of ‘google custom seek‘ to show its result.anonymouse-search-engine

It does, however, eradicate all the tracking methods used by Google.
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You can also refer it as “Incognito Search Engine“.

It also offers a free firefox/chrome extension to help you make secure searches right from your browser.
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It uses a proxy server to deliver secure results from google.non-tracking-search-engine

Lukol is taken into consideration as one of the high-quality proxy search engines that protect users from on line fraudsters.

It ensures complete security of your searches. And also it is an ad free search engine.
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Gigablast indexes billions of web pages and provides real time information with out monitoring your online searches or browsing records.ad-free-search-engine

It is considered as one of the satisfactory proxy search engines. It works as a private browsing search engine.

Gigablast offers to look with certain customizations and selective parameters like searching by way of precise phrase, languages, phrases, file types and much more.
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Oscobo is an anonymous search engine that permits no tracking of any kind.secure-private-search-engine

This secure engine does not store consumer search history in any manner, nor does it let any third-party programs to hack or misuse customers’ records.
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Unlike the personal search engines like google, it helps you to look for information, photos, films, information, and many others.

It also offers a chrome and firefox extension for making private searches.
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Privatelee enables secure searches and strict filters if you need it.security-search-engine

This search engine doesn’t keep your search keywords to be used for ads or surveillance.

Privatelee offers “PowerSearch” commands that let you configure the search source and more.

It is also known by an alternative name Qrobe.
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Note: These were the private search engines. People misinterpret them as Private Browser.

Final Verdict:

These were some of the most secure private search engines to secure the privacy online. These encrypted search engines are very powerful and shall protect your privacy all the time. My favorite private search engine is GigaBlast. What is your favourite private search engine?



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