ADB Sideload: Download ADB, Fastboot, and Drivers: Basically, ADB is an Android Debug Bridge. It has many features and advantages.

Everyone knows that Android is the number one mobile platform on this planet. And it has more users than any other mobile Operating System. No other OS does not allow customization except Android OS. There are many customizations that can be done in Android using the ADB tools and fast boot drivers.adb-sideload-fastboot-download

ADB sideloading is necessary to root your android phone as many apps like luckypatcher are available for rooted android phones only.

Installing ADB Sideload and fastboot drivers on windows are very much easy. You need to follow this guide to download the latest ADB Sideload and fastboot drivers on your Windows.

Note: I have tested ADB sideload and fastboot and other Android tools only on Windows Computer. I cannot assure that it will work on Mac or Linux.
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Why download ADB Sideload B Minimal ADB?

You might have heard of Android ADB toolsminimal ADB, and ADB drivers.

ADB drivers are the drivers which help your Android to be recognized by the computer. Without installing the ADB drivers, it is not possible for you to proceed with the ADB commands.
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ADB Sideload is the set of ADB files(tools) which help in making some changes in the operating system of your Android. With the help of ADB tools, you can root your phones, install TWRP/CWM recovery, remove bloatware and much more.

You can ADB Sideload ROMs and apk using ADB sideload commands.

The sky is the limit for the customization of Android with the help of ADB Sideload or Android Tools & Drivers.

Now, you may be thinking “What is minimal ADB“?
ADB sideload is referred as Minimal ADB or ADB Tools.
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Why download Fastboot?

Fastboot is another name of the bootloader. This is similar to ADB and also you can refer it as fastboot adb.

To use the fastbooot commands on the PC, the connected android phone should be in fastboot mode or in the bootloader mode.

There are many advantages of adb fastboot download. Similar to ADB sideload, you can flash the Custom ROMs and the custom recovery. To flash the custom recovery TWRP, it is very much important to download fastboot.

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  What are the features of latest ADB sideload and fastboot?

  • Small Size
  • Installation is very simple and it takes few fraction of seconds.
  • No other files are required after downloading the ADB sideload and fastboot drivers.
  • 1GB of Android SDK is not required.
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ADB sideload download(Minimal ADB and fastboot)

  • Download the minimal ADB and fastboot drivers(ADB Sideload) from the downloads area of this page. adb-sideload-download
  • Right click on the adb.exe file and hit on “Run as Administrator”. adb-fastboot-download
  • A blue screen will appear on your screen. It will ask some basic questions to install the
  • When it asks to install the ADD and fastboot, just type “y” and hit
  • Answer all the questions with a letter “y“. And in few moments, ADB and fastboot drivers will be installed on your windows.
  • On your phone, you need to enable the USB debugging. To enable the USB debugging, first enable the developers’ option.
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  • To enable the Developers option, go to Settings<<About Phone<< Tap on build number for 7 times or more. It helps to enable the developers’ option on your Android.
  • Open the developers’ option and turn on the USB debugging and connect it the computer.usb-debugging-android
  • On your PC, go to Local Disk C:<< ADB folder and here you will find two important files, adb, and fastboot. download-minimal-adb-fastboot-on-pc
  • Open the ADB file and type “adb devices“.
  • It will show the list of Android Phones connected to the computer in adb mode. adb-commands
  • Congratulations for installing ADB Sideload: Adb and Fastboot on your PC.
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Downloads Section:

ADB and Fastboot Download

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Final Verdict:

This was a simple tutorial on how to download and install the latest ADB Sideload(ADB and Fastboot drivers) on PC. If you find any difficulty to get the minimal adb and fastboot on the computer then please let me know in the comments. I will help you to fix your problem and you can surely use Android adb tools and drivers on the computer.
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  1. i am using mi A1 device i had installed adb driver and enable oem unlocking & usb debugging but when i try to unlock bootloader (while connecting the device pc with fast boot mode) and when i type fastboot devices in the command window then nothing is happening


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