Chimera tool full version: It is a software which helps in unlocking different features in mobile like repairing IMEI code , changing software, backup and restoring of data. It opens a new world of possibilities and helps you in achieving things with your android device which is not possible with other such apps present on the internet. You can do many things with only one tool that is chimera tool.

Download & Install Chimera Tool Free Version:

chimera tool full version

But there is a catch; you cannot use all the features of tool without buying the full version of this software. You have to buy license to unlock all the features of this tool. So this problem is solved by making a crack which can unlock all the features of this tool simply by doing some easy steps. The Chimera tool full version will help you in unlocking all the features without buying the license. So stop wasting the money and time and use this cracked version of chimera tool. Following are the steps to install and start using the software after downloading:

1: Download the software and place it into any folder on your local drive

2: Double click on the application and accept the UAC message

chimera tool pro

3: Wait a few minutes until the drivers install

By following above easy steps you can enjoy full version of this app without wasting any time.

Uses of Chimera Tool:

Chimera tool is extremely helpful for various enhancements or unlocking the different field for user in android phone. It changes the person experience from amateur to pro. It consist of lots of feature like getting device information, direct unlock, changing software, reading codes and repairing IMEI number. So all these features are included in this software which makes it unique from similar software in internet. Also this tool can be used in different model of phone of different brands with phone. All of you just have to download the software and enjoy all the features with ease.

Using this software is very easy. You will become familiar with its interface as it is user friendly and also with fewer bugs. Once the software is downloaded and installed you have to just click on that feature that you have to use like if you want to repair your IMEI number you just have to click on that feature and this feature would do the function. And also you must note that your android device must be connected to your laptop or PC.

At last, this is a great tool for professionals and anyone can use it. Also with the help of this chimera tool full version we can unlock all the features without buying licenses. It makes your task easy and also hassles free by giving you all features under one roof. You don’t have to waste your time downloading different software that will do only one function and take up space of your device. This tool is very useful for older phones which do not get updates and which are outdated in terms of android version. While for newer phones it is not necessary.


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