Oppo F3 Plus Nougat: If you are here then you must have bought your all new Oppo F3 Plus preferably from Flipkart Big Billion Day or Diwali Exchange Sale. You may be already loving your Oppo F3 Plus for all the exciting features it has to offer over its predecessor which lacked Qualcomm Snapdragon Processor and few more camera perks as well a day lasting battery backup.

oppo f3 plus nougat

After a good long usage of few months now all you are craving for is a software update and that is Oppo F3 Plus Nougat update as it’s still stuck on fairly outdated Android Marshmellow 6.0.1. Android Nougat packs a revolutionary changes in the history of android one of which is multi window support along with lot other cool features and software stabilization.

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While it is totally okay being optimistic about an update considering it has been spotted beta testing on GFX Bench as OPPO R6051, unfortunately there has been no official announcement for the same yet. So we advice you not get too optimistic about it. The reason for its delay is the high level of customization done by Oppo Team on Color OS to provide a feature-rich user experience unlike Vanilla Andoird UI for which it’s easy to push updates with next to nothing stacking of customization like Moto or Oneplus phones.

After the release of their latest budget smartphone Oppo F5 which packs Android Nougat 7.1.1, the possibility of Oppo giving attention to their Predecessors is got even lesser.Honestly we don’t mean to destroy your hopes.

Still if you can’t wait for the update and want to have a visual taste of Android Nougat checkout this cool Nougat like launcher for Oppo F3 Plus for a change.You will love the fresh look of Android 7 Nougat.

We will update you about the Oppo F3 Plus Nougat Update release if any in the future.
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