Download PhoenixCard: You can download all the versions of PhoenixCard from this article.  So get the PhoenixCard for all latest Versions for your android smartphone. PhoenixCard is an application which helps you to make the bootable image of the android firmware in a .img format on the memory card. In this article, I present you all the versions of PhoenixCard including the old PhoenixCard version and the trendingPhoenixCard.
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Why Download Phoenix Card?

  • download-phoenix
  • With the help of Phoenix Card, you can flash Android Firmware on the memory card. Initially, Phoenix card will create a bootable firmware. And this bootable firmware can be written on the memory card.
  • It also helps you to make a bootable image of your Android Phone on the memory card that supports Allwinner A10 ARM Processor.
  • Just like windows partition, you can create a secret partition on your Android with the help of Phoenix tool.
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  • If you are not satisfied with the firmware on the memory card then you can revert back to normal by formatting the memory card using Phoenix. This tool is also known as sd card tool.
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What are the requirements to download Phoenixcard Tool?

  • You need a windows computer running Windows XP or above.
  • An active internet connection.
  • No prerequisite knowledge is mandatory.
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Download Phoenixcard Tool

  • Go to the downloads area of this page and download phoenixcard tool on your computer.
  • The very step is to connect the memory card to your computer.
  • Open Phoenix Card Tool.
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  • Select the firmware of your choice.
  • Select “Burn” and you are done.
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PHOENIXCARD V3.0.6 20110817

PHOENIXCARD V3.0.9 20121211

PHOENIXCARD V3.1.0 20130618

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Final Verdict:

This was the simple guide on how to download PhoenixCard Tool for free. Download all the versions of PhoenixCard Tool from this page. If you face any difficulty to download phoenix card then let me know. I will help you fix your issue.


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