How to Check WhatsApp History? :WhatsApp’s Unexplored Functionality To Track Cheating Partners

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WhatsApp—a revolutionary massaging platform has brought both: disruption and dependence. It disrupted the SMS market, decimating it entirely and made people dependent on it. Nowadays, with just internet active on your phone, you can get access to chit-chat with all those on the contact list having WhatsApp. WhatsApp has undoubtedly narrowed done the growing hiatus in the communication between two people, but it has also wreaked havoc on the personal front by souring relationships, encouraging suspicion in lovers and spouses and slowly and steadily taking up the bedroom space of couples.

In many forms, WhatsApp has proved to be blessing and curse. But as we know that technology was meant to make humanity reap the crops of facilitation, ease and effectiveness. However, slowly and steadily greater emphasis was given to technology and people became dependent and in a way slave to it. In case, if you have been in a relationship, or you wish to know about the history of whom your partner has been chatting with all the time when you are with him/her, you should know how to check the WhatsApp history. In this tutorial blog, you will first know how to check WhatsApp history on your own device and link with other devices and check their WhatsApp history.

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How to Check WhatsApp History of Your Device?

Many couples wish to sneak peek on the phone of the partners. As you know that infidelity is a trait and characteristics in human-being. For such individuals in love who want to technologically monitor their partners, they can rely on technology. How to streamline the same? Here’s how you can monitor your partner without any suspicion raised on your attitude and ways.

Recover Deleted Message from WhatsApp iCloud Backup

WhatsApp has no specific cloud storage of its own, however, you need not wonder about the same. With small fine-tuning, you can track the movements and activities of your partner. To do the same, you need to follow these steps:

WhatsApp–>Setting–>Chats–>Chats Backup

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Once you click on the “Auto Back-Up”, it will backup all the chats that you can access whenever your partner’s phone is in your hand. So, even if your partner is deleting the messages after each chat done with some random strangers, you can retrieve the chat and find out about what’s cooking all the time.

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Uninstallation Method

Another groundbreaking technique extremely suitable for those who are on the hunch to run careful and evaluated surveillance on the partners would be through “Uninstallation Method.” In the “Uninstallation Method”, with just knowing about the phone number with what the WhatsApp has been registered, you can track down the chat history of the phone owner. In case, if the first recommended step has backfired and failed to materialize for your surveillance and monitoring to end on a happier note, you can look for an alternative. The “Uninstallation Method” is the alternative that can best suit your pursuits.

To use the “Uninstallation Technique” to fish out sensitive chat data, you can proceed in the following ways:

How to check the WhatsApp History with a better version? Here’s what to do.

You need to first uninstall the WhatsApp app from the phone. After that, you can either reinstall it from “Google Play Store” for Android or “App Store” for Apple users. Once you do that, a “welcome notice with chat restore prompt will pop-up on the phone screen”. Tap on that, once done, all the WhatsApp chat history would be restored.

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These are few ways to help you find out the answer to the question: How to check WhatsApp history on any phone without the owner getting a clue about the same.

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