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The world is closer than ever and relationships are experiencing an advantage in term of connectivity too. Now couples can stay in touch even when they are travelling. Just one instant messenger application and couples can connect from isolated corners of the world with internet. Imagine your girl waking up and getting cute notifications from you. Won’t that delight her mood? Some texts to make her melt with sweet love messages for her would surely capture your feelings well and give her a beautiful Good Morning! surprise.

Women fall on the emotional side. They need a connection and like to check in frequently during the day. Thanks to messengers, they can’t just keep in touch but also send media, share files and video and audio conference anytime.

Just imagine the impact these applications have on strengthening relationships as the era of the SMS is over. Now, you can send your girlfriend or wife or that special one a personalised and recorded message, you can video conference (in a costume!!) and write love messages for her.

The importance of smartphones in our life is unprecedented. Messenger applications like Facetime, Viber, Whatsapp, Hike, Snapchat and social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc are letting couples stay in touch 24*7. They are helping their love blossom and it is indeed a matter worth celebrating. Technology is bringing people closer.

You can attach videos, audios, share files (visual and other) and write personalised messages through messengers. And, if you are in the mood for something bigger than how about broadcasting your love? Facebook lets you do and so do the messenger applications. You can set a status update through a photograph that will stay online for 24 hours through WhatsApp.

Other messenger applications also let you share status updates and photographs. So you can sync the content you want to share like cute images of you and your special one with a beautiful message.

What about making the ultimate gesture by changing your cover photo and profile picture? You can put your special one’s picture or a picture of both of you with a nice, thoughtful caption.

Love on social media and messengers

Instagram now lets you highlight stories so you can click a wonderful image and set it as a story for your profile with multiple texts to make her melt. Or you can set a sweet status update and tag your special one on Facebook.

These platforms are especially practical for couples in long term relationships. Men can write beautiful sweet love messages for her through the messengers and reach her everywhere.

Love messages for her:

A lot of boys and men wonder how to impress her? If the real life-size teddy bear gifts are really the essence of a relationship!

Texts and personalised messages are simpler. Check out some amazing texts to make her melt and take your pick for the approaching Valentine’s day:

love messages for her

When texting your special her, don’t butter with adjectives and songs about her beauty. Instead, sincerely attempt to tell her how you feel. Pour your heart out but succinctly. Be honest, be real and be loving.

You can also use song lyrics or top love quotes from romantic or other movies. These days, it pretty much in fashion to send GIFs with quotes. So if you are not in a mood to type down an entire love quote, just make a gif of your favorite shot from your favorite film. Then attach and send.

The elements of the perfect sweet love messages for her for your lovely girl are love, love and love alone. Fill it with words heartfelt and try to tell her that you are nothing without her. And that she validated your existence, mention how loving her made you love the world more. Like, she’s the reason the world seems more lively, the air feels more refreshing and the sun feels warmer.

How to impress her with love messages for her?

sweet love messages for her

Chat messengers don’t restrict you to texts. You can record a message and remind her of the beauty she shines upon the world by just waking up everyday.

Don’t do the usual routine, call and drop a message. Try something cuter, more beautiful like recording personalized messages or sending a dozen of love quotes and then a final message of you singing a classic poem. You can write a special message on a piece of paper, hold it and have your picture shot and send it her so she sees you and the message together.

If you are far away but want to wish your girlfriend for an occasion, try this simple advice: Buy her a gift, gift-wrap it and shoot a video of you reciting a love poem to her. Then follow up by opening the gift-wrapped gift for her. Tell her that you can’t wait to meet her to give her the gift you picked. It will sure keep her spirits happy and high.

Or buy numerous gifts to impress her and line them up in a special corner. Then leave her multiple texts to make her melt with endings that read aloud that gifts are waiting for her to open them.


Telephones were a big deal but smartphones have really changed the world. Our contacts are growing large and the distance is shrinking. And, it is a good news that we can reach anyone anytime anywhere. It’s especially helping couples stay in love even when they fly out to study or for work.

Video conferences and audio messages on messengers and social media let people socialise better. You can leave interactive messages and not just texts.Consider sending images with messages in specialised typography to anyone and woo them with art.

Try looking for an extensive amount of interesting and beautiful content or sweet love messages to impress her online or offline. Then tag your special one in the images you want them to see.

Smartphones, messengers and social media have really made love classier.


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