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Instagram is becoming so big that you will be missing out if you do not take advantage of this marketing channel. It works because it is all about pictures and visuals, which can be quite attractive to your target audience. You need to work tirelessly to build a brand and win new likes and followers. Buying those likes may help you in the beginning, but you will eventually have to rely on the quality of your content. Moreover, you need to buy Instagram likes monthly to ensure that you are not tagged as a spammer.

If you are interested in using Instagram to support your business, you need to work on creating your own Instagram hallmark, and that is when you can benefit from the following tips:

Be Persistent With Your Content

A visual social media report from “WebDam” concluded that 60% of the top brands on Instagram use the same filter for each of their posts. Why? Using the same filters repeatedly formulates a style of your own, which your followers can easily recognize. Once they recognize your posts, they can stop scrolling and engage with your post.

Statistics show that the companies that use the same types of border and color palette while creating content are likely to perform better on Instagram because people can recognize them in a much better way.  You can also stay consistent with the borders you use while creating and posting images. It is so prominent that seeing the border itself makes one realize that the post is from you.

Be Creative In Choosing Your Subject Matter

For most cases, the content is obvious – a cloth company will showcase clothes, a shoe company; shoes and so on! Here is where your creativity can make you stand apart. For example, if you want to post photos for a cloth company, you can also post how good clothing can impact one’s social status and bring a change in the way they think about themselves. Create a story through pictures about the same. Try to make it look like an experience instead of just a random image.

Create A Distinct Hashtag

Hashtags are very important as they show the top trends. Generally, along with your posts, you would put your company name as the hashtag, but that is not enough. Create a unique hashtag that amalgamates well with your brand and tells others more about your brand. The hashtag can be generic because that will encourage followers also to share relevant pictures! More hashtags, more popularity – as more people post pictures relevant to the hashtag.

Be Loyal To Your Followers

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Never copy someone else’s strategy. Think of your unparalleled approaches. In the long run, feedback from your audience is going to help you. Your audience may follow you for your good pictures, or they may want to do some business with you in the future. But, most of them would also be following brands similar to yours. It’s important to keep looking for what interests them and tweak your strategies accordingly. Acting on their expectations are most important for your growth. Understand how your competitors market their products and how they engage the audience – but – follow your practices and better them persistently.

Create Illustrative Captions

Instagram is all about visuals, but a good caption is just equally important, if not more. Failing to use captions properly can directly affect your Instagram marketing campaign. If the caption is emotionally captivating, a user will instantly connect with it. Captions tell a story and give context to your image. They can initiate varied emotions in your followers. For example, you could just be taking pictures of a rainy day, and if your business is about food, you can post pictures of the rainy day along with people enjoying some of your patent piping hot snacks and caption it with “mouth-watering” words.

Any follower is sure going to have a look at your menu and all that you have to offer – as it’s both need of the hour and relatable. So, always remember to put captivating captions that complement your picture. Just by taking these simple steps, you can ensure that you keep getting new followers and enjoy a good status on Instagram.


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