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It was almost impossible to track someone in a traditional environment. Then came GPS technology which made tracking possible for the first time. As the technology grew, we got ample options to track people other than the GPS. Phones are definitely the most convenient and advanced way to track someone. The iPhone, being the most valued smartphone, can be tracked in more than one way including the use of an ambient recording app.

We are sharing four valuable tricks to track people using an iPhone. Here they are:

  1. Tracking with the iCloud

Our first trick to track someone through their iPhone is using the iCloud. With an iCloud, you can know the approximate location of the phone. To track the iPhone using this method, you would need to set up ‘Find My iPhone’ app on the target iPhone besides knowing its associated iCloud ID. Log into the using the iCloud credentials and select Find My iPhone from the list of icons on the screen. In the next step, select “All Devices” option and then the iPhone you want to track. After this, you will be able to see the approximate location of the iPhone on the map.

  1. Tracking iPhone By Using Google

Google is the life lifeline of our internet use and Google Timeline is another one of the methods to track the location of an iPhone. For this trick to work, you would need to enable the location sharing services on the target iPhone. Google Timeline keeps logs of each and every activity. It collects the locations information on the iPhone on a particular day and records this information in a detailed report of the route followed by the user. This data can even be used to retrieve a missing or stolen iPhone. It even gives the last location of the iPhone and you can use this to track the iPhone. To track an iPhone using this, go to the Google Timeline and select “Today” on the top left of that page. This will show the location records of that iPhone for that particular day. You can see the last location of the iPhone by finding the last location sent from the iPhone.

  1. Tracking iPhone through Ambient Recording App

Smartphones are not only tracked to find a stolen or missing phone. Tracking is helpful to many people for several reasons. Some people want to track the iPhone to monitor the activities of their employees. Parents want to stay informed about the whereabouts of their children. Concerned parents find it easier to track their kids through these remote tracking services. But what if location services on the target phone are turned off? What if the Find My iPhone services does not give the exact location of the phone? What if the Google takes time to upload the location history due to poor internet connectivity? That’s where you need to have a more reliable third-party backup of a good tracking facility on the target iPhone. Xnspy is an ambient recording app that gives ample remote tracking options. With the limitation of location tracking, ambient recording is the right feature to tell you what the other person is up to.

Xnspy’s ambient recording function gives another dimension to your remote tracking concerns. Instead of using the location services and waiting for the information to be delivered, you can switch to the surround recording function of this ambient recording app. Using it is as simple as the other two methods. After subscribing and pairing Xnspy with the target iPhone, you can log into your account to record the surroundings of the target iPhone. Xnspy will access the microphone of the phone and start recording whatever is going around the phone even if the phone is not in use or on a call. It gives 30 mins live recordings of the surroundings that you can listen through your Xnspy account. And besides being an ambient recording app, you can also use it as a location tracking app among different other tracking features.

  1. Track without Internet

Is it possible to track an iPhone without internet? Yes! There is one way but that is limited to those versions of iPhone that can be jailbroken. But if you want to go on with this method then jailbreak the iPhone and install the Activator app from Cydia. Open the Cydia repository and install the Activator from there. There are a few settings changes that had to be made to save the information in the Activator. This may be sound a little complicated from the previous methods, but this could be used as another option if nothing else works.


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