Why are Smartphones important in our daily life?

Ericsson R380 was among the initial slew of phones marketed as Smartphones. During the early 2000s, Windows Mobile and Blackberry were widely adopted by Americans.

Then in early 2007, iPhone (iOS operating system) by Apple revolutionized the touch screen mobile industry. Following year, HTC Dream hit the markets with Google’s Android operating system.

Such was the technological advancement and shifting market preferences that most companies released touchscreen only Smartphones. Now, one could benefit from the pocket-friendly mini-computer without needing to drag their laptop along.

Smartphones have come a long way from being another luxurious item the riches could flaunt to a basic necessity that most can’t do without.

Importance of Smartphones in our lives

They are central to everyday functions. Avoiding someone? Get busy with your phone. Need to update your boss? Email, IM or video call or just call! Need to revise a proposal on the go? Consider Google Docs. Craving your favorite song from 1991? Just YouTube it, on your phone! Smartphones have truly made our lives convenient and shrunken the world into a tiny, digital, global village. Everyone is just an IM/call away.

Postcards, notes, and letters still retain a certain romantic value but Smartphones are an easier option. With Smartphones, you can look for jobs online, study academic papers via apps, access learning management systems, handle projects via PM software and even handle daily business operations.

The biggest benefit: You can shop with your phone via e-commerce apps, make cashless transactions, carry digital identification and verification around and not risk losing ‘real’ money and important paperwork to thefts.

why are smartphones important in our daily lifeGFP

How are Smartphones changing our lives?

Smartphones have been a blessing. From storing and managing data to providing GPS directions, handling cashless transactions, they offer it all. Let’s take a look at some other benefits:

  1. Cloud storage apps like Dropbox, Google Drive, Mediafire, Microsoft OneDrive, etc enable users to access, add, edit, and update data (text, images, media files, spreadsheets, presentations, etc) on the go.
  2. Earlier, one could just call or text but Smartphones let users communicate via instant messaging, Email, Video calling, Voice Call, Video Conferencing, etc. And, if those don’t work, consider social networking apps like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn, etc a great rescue  Also Check : 7 Android Apps that can change your lives in 2018
  3. Smartphones have made accessing the World Wide Web much easier. No wires needed; no need to sign up for a connection. Your mobile network connection is sufficient to browse the internet on the go. You can access information online, keep yourself entertained with videos, audios, listicles, blogs, tutorials, etc and not miss a single update.
  4. Smartphones define a lifestyle. You can use a multitude of applications to keep track of your health fitness activity, health, diet, productivity, schedule, meetings, projects, etc. Internet radio lets you connect with radio stations from across the world so you can explore new music every minute. New applications keep you updated with everything that’s happening in every part of the world.

Excessive exposure to the mobile screen not only impairs vision but also affects sleep cycle, causes stress, triggers compulsive behavior. Bosses and managers don’t want frequent IM, Email, social network, etc notifications to disturb professionals, especially during deep work.

Answering why are Smartphones important in our lives is simple. They have become an essential item to daily personal and professional operations. From bridging communication gaps, opening inexhaustible global sources of information to running learning and management software tools for businesses, monitoring diet, health, finance, studies with simple apps, Smartphones do it all. But users need to practice a non-addictive lifestyle where they don’t compulsively check their phone for messages and notifications.


Smartphone consumption is on such a hike that many often openly warrant criticism for using phones during dinners, meetings, theatre/movies. People need to prioritize their health over connectivity and technology. Consider going for a walk with your dog and a soothing, quiet cup of coffee instead of checking your phone first thing in the morning. Switch it off for 30 minutes of dinner and avoid taking calls when spending time with family.


As long as the use of Smartphones and other gadgets is kept in check, one can anticipate benefiting from these technological endeavors, and with that we could answer our question why are smartphones important in our daily life , and how we should limit their usage to avoid adverse effects on our life.

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