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In today’s world, smartphone cameras have become rather special. They are a device to showcase one’s life to others and capture special moments. These cameras are a way of exhibiting one’s choices and design to others.

There are numerous services that are built to enhance communication and have become a part of life like whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, WeChat, etc and the camera device is indispensable to these services.

Smartphone cameras are being designed to capture lifelike experiences. They are especially important to the generation right now. People want to take better pictures, make better videos with phones.

Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 Mobile Platform focuses on advancing the photography experience via it’s integrated second-generation Qualcomm Spectra 280 image signal processor (ISP). Qualcomm Spectra 280 is designed to back cutting-edge mobile photography and videography, even when facing comparatively low lighting conditions and excessive movement.

Other than capturing the colors and life as it as, Snapdragon 845 also captures three-dimensional images with a certain depth, offering new XR experiences. Furthermore, it supports the new consumer use cases that need cameras to properly capture faces for the purpose of unlocking devices and better, secured e-commerce transactions.

A spectacular improvement

As compared to the last-generation Spectra ISPs for Snapdragon, the fresh off the boat Qualcomm Spectra 280 ISP is quite a feat! It delivers a 64 times improvement in color data and will be able to shoot video at 30 percent lower consumption of power.

Smartphones built with Snapdragon 845 will be able to shoot high-dynamic range (HDR) videos that will appear exceptionally lifelike playback on mobile and Ultra HD Premium TVs. This Ultra HD Premium video capture enhances the image quality and color volume by boosting the quantity of pixels captured and also but amplifying their by supporting the  expanded color volume on Snapdragon 845.

Color volume covers luminance, color depth, and color gamut.

Exceptional photography

Qualcomm Spectra 280 has introduced certain aspects for better still image capture like multi-frame noise reduction.

This helps in reducing unwanted noise from pictures by using numerous snapshots taken within a specific time (fraction of a second). It takes around 60 images in a second almost as large as 16 megapixels. The result? A fantastic final image, without the shutter speed growing large or slow.

High-resolution and high-accuracy depth sensing

The new Qualcomm Spectra 280 image signal processor boosts three-dimensional depth sensing coupled with high-resolution and perfect accuracy without consuming a lot of power.

Earlier, the use of cameras was restricted to photography or videography but now a wide variety of applications utilise the camera. With the help of depth maps, Snapdragon 845 can perform a lot like a DSLR with a prime lens with wide aperture.  It can blur the background and sharply focus on the subject in a portrait photograph.

Depth sensing is just as important to XR, enabling “true six degrees of freedom (6DoF) head tracking with simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM)”.

Traditionally, XR would track the subject’s head movement while sitting or standing in the same place. But with 6DoF SLAM, Snapdragon 845 can track body movements, identify objects, and check room dimensions so subject can walk around in rooms and interact with virtual as well as real-world entities in XR environments without any hesitation.

Snapdragon 845 is quite a feat from its predecessors. It offers a distinguished photography and videography experience with depth sensing, 6DoF SLAM and color volume. Moreover, it lets users click perfect shots without excessive noise in low light and even when the subject is moving.



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