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If you have a Samsung Galaxy S Duos, and are stuck in a software error, then the Samsung s7562 flash file is the one thing that you need to solve it. This article illustrates how one can use this file on Samsung Galaxy S Duos hardware.

This stock rom helps you to revert your phone back to its original settings.

Why to use and what you need to use the Samsung s7562 flash file:

It is a free to download file which is a safe and secure way to set your phone back to its factory settings and comes with the original flash software. Moreover,it is highly recommended that you backup all your files and data as they will be lost in the process. It is also important to have the original data syncing cable provided with the phone. It’s also mandatory to have the adb sideload before the process starts. You would also require a working internet connection to download the flash file.

How to Download and Flash Samsung s7562 flash file ?

How to download the flash file and use it with your Samsung Galaxy S Duos handset:
Download the zip package of Samsung s7562. Extract the contents from the file.
● Then Open the flash tool which is present in the extracted folder.
● Load the flash file in the flash tool.
● Switch off your phone and connect it to your computer system with the USB cable
provided with your phone
● Open the flash tool in which the flash file is loaded and click on flash to start the process.
It should not take more than 10-15 minutes.
● Once the flashing is complete, remove your handset from the computer and begin the
setup. The setup is easy and asks you to fill in your contact details and other basic

Final Verdict:

As you can see I made this guide as easy possible for you guys to perceive and follow. You can easily download Samsung s7562 flash file and Samsung s7562 Flash Tool. If you find any difficulty to download any of those files, let me know. I will help you to download and install the latest firmware in your Samsung s7562.



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